The arena has a total capacity of up to 66,500 spectators, depending on the stage configuration (main stage, cross stage or centre stage). A closable, lightproof roof, event-compliant sound insulation and a modern heating system allow for flexibility of use be it for open air events in summer or heated events in bad weather.


  • Clearance height of 40 m with closed room
  • The movable roof structure is able to tolerate a point load of up to 5t and an additional distributable event load of up to 150t
  • Heavy-load capacity 10,000 kg/sqm (SLW 60)
  •  Area-wide supply of electricity and communication equipment
  • The complex (interior) is accessed via the two northern diagonal tunnels (north-east / north-west), which both have a clearance height of 4.10m.
  • The large gate is usable

Here you find information about corporate events in the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA.

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