Exhibition Hall 6 – functional Spaciousness in grand Design

Exhibition Hall 6 offers optimum conditions for your event. Whether a company event, convention, product presentation, sporting event or live broadcast: the highly flexible multi-purpose hall concept provides you with plenty of headroom.

Stages, stands and seating options are made available as required in Exhibition Hall 6.

Special features of Exhibition Hall 6 include a bright interior, which can be completely darkened in seconds, and a six-metre high circumferential gallery. The gallery surrounds the entire hall interior, can be accessed via four representative staircases, and is an ideal venue for receptions.

State-of-the-art technical installations covering all areas of event technology make for a smooth and perfect execution of your event. All technical installations in Exhibition Hall 6 are operated automatically, guaranteeing maximum security for your event.

The ground floor of the hall has four catering stations. In addition, Exhibition Hall 6 accommodates eight office and conference rooms, which in turn can be subdivided into 24 rooms with space for eight to 14 people. Artists' dressing rooms as well as storage and sanitary facilities are also available.


  • Maximum capacity: 14,600 persons
  • Seating options:
    • Row seating: 10,060 persons
    • Seats on mobile stands: 8,806 persons
    • Conference seating: 6,000 persons
    • Banquet-style seating arrangement: 5,000 persons
  • 8 office and conference rooms, which in turn can be subdivided into 24 rooms with space for 8 to 14 people

Functional features and measurements

  • Exhibition area: 24,000 sqm
  • Clearance: 16 to 24 m
  • Comprehensive ceiling suspension grid of 2.5 m x 2.5 m (Mero system), additional grid for single loads of up to 3 t every 15 m
  • Load capacity/hall area: 10,000 kg/sqm (SWL, 60).
  • Area-wide supply of electricity, water and compressed air as well as communication equipment
  • More than 20 gate systems (including 1 large gate), which can be used to access the complex from all sides by truck or forklift
  • The interior can be completely darkened by automatic external lamella

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