More than half of the hotels in Düsseldorf are located within a radius of 6 km from HORISUM. The hotel capacity is estimated at around 15,000 rooms of the 2-5 star category.

You can quickly and easily book your accommodation in the state capital here. In addition, you can also contact Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH (DMT), an ideal contact partner for hotel reservations, sightseeing tours, city information as well as individual supporting programmes in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area. The Good Night Guarantee of DMT allows you to use the last-minute-service in the tourist information to book your accommodation upon arrival in Düsseldorf.

In order to make your stay in Düsseldorf as pleasant as possible, we can offer you first class accommodation and service in our long-standing partner hotels.

Restaurant & Hotel Schnellenburg am Rhein is located directly next to the complex along the Rhine river.  The Schnellenburg has been accommodating the most tradition-steeped restaurant in Düsseldorf since 1926, and a hotel with 50 rooms since 1970.

The complex is home to the modern business hotel Tulip Inn Düsseldorf Arena which is integrated directly into the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA. Experience and enjoy the BRANCHE restaurant with its fascinating views inside theMERKUR SPIEL-ARENA and the "Simply Meet" convention area. The optimal connection to the airport, the motorway and the underground allow for a stress-free and uncomplicated arrival.

The FFFZ Hotel and Convention House in Düsseldorf is situated in a quiet, central location close to HORISUM and the airport, and is a very unique accommodation facility. The hotel is barrier-free throughout and offers 47 comfort rooms and three rooms equipped for disabled guests. The event grounds are only a few minutes’ walk away, and the airport, the city centre and the main railway station are all within easy reach due to the good connection with the public transport network.

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