HORISUM uses state-of-the-art technical installations in all areas of event technology. Our innovative equipment includes HDTV projections, LED lighting technology, as well as transmission methods such as live streaming and streaming-on-demand.

Would you like your speech translated simultaneously into twelve different languages, to present your new product on a 30m wide LED wall or broadcast your event worldwide via satellite? No problem all this and more is made possible by our technical equipment, proven partners, many years of know-how, and a total power output of 64 megawatts.

For each type of event, we also offer the highest standards in terms of conversion logistics, electrical and suspension services. Our flexible and multi-functional venue equipment always allows for optimal use. Appropriate floor covering, for example, can quickly turn a football stadium into a concert arena, a television studio or "simply" a first class venue hall.

The infrastructure of HORISUM guarantees highest levels of functionality and flexibility for any event.

The delivery of your material can ensue at any time (24/7) via the access gates ("Gate 1 and Gate 2"), which are optimally connected to all major transport routes. "Gate 2" is for the exclusive use of cars and vans.

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